isn’t “skin nourishment” just a fancy word for “lotion” YES & NO


ok maybe we should first define skin nourishment & lotion…

  • skin nourishment means quite literally to feed the skin so that it may become healthy.
  • lotion is defined as a liquid to soothe or clean the skin.

so while lotion is great we want your skin to be fed naturally & healthfully.

what makes our skin nourishment so fancy schmancy & fabulous we cannot call it lotion?

but of course the amazing qualities of the oils we create skin nourishment with…

  • organic jojoba oil is simply the greatest! it comes from beans of a plant, simmondsia chinensis, technically it is not an oil but actually a plant wax closest to the human sebum (oily substance our skin excretes to moisturize skin). naturally contains vitamin e! also does NOT block pores therefore making it perfect for all skin types. shown to soften & smooth fine lines. absorbs quickly into the skin. non greasy dry oil. (i could go on & on…..)
  • organic mango butter is straight from the seed of the mango tree (exotic huh?). if reducing fine lines, skin regeneration, moisturizing, protection against UV radiation, dry skin relief, fights skin issues such as eczema, helps reduce stretch marks (so many fabulous qualities-these are my favs) are important to you then look no further!

so i have only listed 2 ingredients so far on our mandarin skin nourishment & already i know you are wondering how could this get any better? i mean these two ingredients alone are exciting right? absolutely but we have just a few more to talk about!

  • next up organic sunflower oil which is super rich in vitamins A, D & E (little more of that fighting Vit E), moisturizing, gentle & easily absorbed by the skin make this a “go-to” oil for all skin types!
  • and lastly for your citrusy delight organic mandarin essential oil is added to skin nourishment not only to tickle your fancy with light & fruity smell but to provide some really awesome benefits (every ingredient has to work hard!) such as helping to reduce stretch marks & scars. mandarin also has an antiseptic quality as well & is gentle enough to use on children!

we hope that you now understand that although we like the word “lotion” when it comes to ours we believe it to be so much more than that so skin nourishment is more appropriate. yes is it a bit fancier? sure but i think we use some pretty fancy ingredients!

thanks for taking a peek @ have a super day!


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